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Breaking News!!!!



MPW A and B Team Cheerleaders and Coaches

Second Place in New England

Great Job!!


Both Teams headed to Nationals

the Second Week of December!!

Good Luck Ladies!



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 2014 Calendar Winners


10/1 Gangi
10/2 Jasmine Fortin
10/3 George Thomas
10/4 Sarah Calla
10/5 Ricky DiSciscio
10/6 Margarita Cedeno
10/7 Kristie Smith
10/8 Maria Rodriguez 
10/9 Laurie Patenaude
10/10 Boremi
10/11 Elaine Smallwood
10/12 Jeff Gangi
10/13 Karen Serafino
10/14 Brayden Beohner 
10/15 Kaleel Javier
10/16 Meghan Concheri
10/17 Sarah Martinez
10/18 Bob Evans
10/19 Davidopoulos Paul
10/20 Kris Larkin
10/21 Mike Fredericks
10/22 Joanna Rodriguez
10/23 Robert Wilder
10/24 Kris Larkin
10/25 Linda Paradis
10/26 Dylan Sicard
10/27 Denis Kotaras
10/28 Ozzy Morales
10/29 Billy Hardiney
10/30 Vlad Vicioso
10/31 Joanna Rodriguez









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